​In the right hands, technology can significantly transform the way we work live and play. In the wrong hands, it can be a really expensive paper weight. We help you focus on the former, and avoid the latter.

K C Armour & Co supports innovative businesses with analysis, design, & delivery support. We help you make targeted, deliberate choices about your technology, ensuring your products and services are able to deliver maximum value into your ecosystem.

We are a small, independent company of highly skilled professionals without any alignment to specific software or hardware providers. We provide you with the right information allowing you to invest in the best solutions for your needs, not ours.

From emerging start ups to market leading multinationals, we have been called on to deliver innovative solutions for the most difficult of problems. Understanding technology from a global perspective and taking a holistic view of your business, we pride ourselves in offering cutting edge ideas in a straight forward manner.

We don’t just follow other people’s ideas, we create them! This allows you to focus on what you do best, your core business, and be assured that your technology products and solutions are the best they can be.

Our Approach

Regardless of the engagement, our focus is ensuring you have the capabilities you need to meet the business opportunities that lay ahead of you.  We look to tailor and use the right frameworks, solutions, and architectures to suit your organisations specific needs.

Each engagement goes through the same essential process.  Starting with understanding your unique value offering, we define and shape optimal solutions aligned to your specific objectives.  Taking time to review and re-tune the performance of the solution throughout your journey.