You can’t have a discussion about technology without a discussion on value.

From your immediate connections to the broader society as a whole, understanding the value you create will allow you to drive new opportunities across your ecosystem. The more value you create in your ecosystem, the more valuable you become. And the more valuable you become, the greater the impact to your back pocket.

With the change shaping of the global economy, our reliance on those ecosystems to deliver business value is likely to increase. Businesses will be forced to develop new partnerships and find new opportunities in places they previously haven’t considered looking.

Ecosystems may seem like a daunting concept, but even if you don’t realise it, you’re already operating in one. Your customers, partners, employees, shareholders all form part of an ecosystem that helps deliver value into your business.

Our job is to help you find those opportunities and make your journey to an ecosystem based company, simple. Using our Net Effex framework, we provide you with the tools and techniques needed to make targeted, deliberate choices about your ecosystem and the value chains within them.