Technology Delivery: We are doing it wrong

I have a saying I like to use from time to time: “You don’t need to know the colour of the drapes to build a house”. If we were to build a house today the way most organisations have delivered technology, we’d not only have the drapes firmly squared away, but we’d have specifically defined the exact location of every coffee cup and piece of furniture before construction. The next 12 to 18 months would be spent building the house in relative isolation with both sides of the fence hoping they liked what they saw at the end! Throughout the project, there was very little room for change and certainly no room to be wrong. Then along came agile…

Throw a dog a bone: The value of multi-vendor strategies

In many cases, engaging in a vendor selection process is only marginally better than accepting cold calls. No matter how good your process is, you really only barely get to know them and how they operate based on a few brief glympses under “Sunny Day” conditions.

Ultimately, the only real way to gauge what someone will be like to do business with is to do business with them. How? You could start by throwing that dog a bone once in a while…

Technology needs a value proposition, not three letter acronyms

Technologists love detailed features and the latest gadgets. Most consumers however, are more interested that their new mobile phone is water proof, takes better pictures, and perhaps most importantly, makes them look cool.

Businesses are really no different; It’s how technology will bring value that’s important, not what it does. The problem is, even as the pace of change completely upends our ideas on traditional business roles and relationships, the way we talk about the role of technology hasn’t necessarily come with it.