We have a saying: You don’t need to know the color of your drapes to start building your house.

Streamlining solutions in a fast paced world means making quick, optimal decisions towards your objectives. Reducing wasted time by avoiding unnecessary analysis and focusing only on the information you need to take that next step.

Based on the science and practices out of NASA and the Stanford University, our facilitated Rapid Evolution Workshops are a top down, principles based approach to technology design and delivery. Aligning solutions specifically to the needs of the business, and refining them iteratively as those needs become clearer.

With similarities to the well known approaches of Agile and Lean, the success of Rapid Evolution Workshops relies on three key principles:

  • Collaborate Quickly:  Make decisions with the information you have and don’t have.
  • Communicate Effectively: Right information at the right time, no barriers.
  • Formulate Iteratively: Deliver from the top down, define only the details you need.

Taking an integrated learning approach to help your team deliver better solutions, faster, and more effectively well into the future.

Format & Agenda

The aim of Rapid Evolution Workshops is to produce an outcome for your business aligned to some specific objective. Tailored specifically for your business, we focus on solutions; Agreeing to achievable deliverables as part of your team, and working with your team across the workshop to produce them. From detailed designs to strategy documents and everything in between, we provide a set of enriched tools and frameworks to help your team along the way.

Workshops are conducted as five sessions of approximately three hours each with the following rough agenda:

While possible to run in whole or part over two days, typically workshops are run over five days with one session each day. This allows your team additional time to focus on workshop activities, and address their normal work task in the latter part of the day.

Please contact us for more information, or to book a more detailed conversation on how Rapid Evolution Workshops can help deliver solutions faster, and more effectively for your business.