Our value is not in what we do, but the value we create for others. For most of us, our business networks and ecosystems are critical to our success. The more value we drive into our network, the more valuable we become. The more more valuable we become, the more value we create for ourselves.

Why then are most approaches to building and leveraging those networks, little more than a game of hope?

Net Effex is our framework to remove chance and create opportunity from your business ecosystem. Opening doors by taking your focus beyond your current view and sharing in a common purpose across your network. A purpose that you own.

Last time we checked, hope was not a valid business strategy. Take ownership of your opportunities and drive value across your network with Net Effex.

Workshops: Net Effex Intensive

As an intensive workshop, this course will provide you with the tools you need to target new value opportunities in your ecosystem.  We will help you build your own persona value map, prioritize and target the opportunities within it, and develop a 90-day action plan towards your objectives.

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Partner for Profit: Net Effex Intensive